How To: Fix a spark plug well oil leak in a Honda Accord

Fix a spark plug well oil leak in a Honda Accord

If you've got oil leaking into the spark plug wells on your Honda Accord, you're not alone. This a pretty common problem, and fortunately for you this video is here to show you how to fix it, assuming you're decent at auto maintenance already. Make sure you line everything up when you reinstall the rock assembly!

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Awesome tutorial! Thanks!

Hi Eric,

Great video here about that Accord. I have a problem with my 1994 Honda Civic LX which is leaking oil onto the spark plug threads and causing them to foul out. I already replaced the valve cover gasket and those O rings that go in the valve cover gasket as well, but it didn't clear up the problem. Essentially all I am doing now is every time I change the oil I pull the plugs and clean them off. Two of them are pretty clean, the other two are usually wet. I am assuming it is the seals underneath the cam like in this Accord. I am wondering if the repair is the same as it is for that Accord, or if there are some pretty significant differences due to the car. It is the 1.5 litre SOHC 16 valve 4 cylinder.

Hi Eric, great video. My 17 year old son has a Honda with exactly the same problem with the same motor. I do most of my own maintenance and engine Re and Re's and now I am not afraid to work on a newer tech engine like the honda. Other problem though, it uses a lot of oil, burns it from the tailpipe. It has 200,000 Km ( about 120,000 miles) and it goes through about 1 qt every couple of hundred miles. I used some "high Mileage" oil and it seems to have helped a lot. A lot of the forums seem to say that the 1500 and 1600 non V-techs have a problem with the oil rings getting stuck and not sealing. I wondered if I dare run some engine clean stuff that lists cleaning stuck oil rings, Like some Rislone products. What do you think, if I use the Rislone can it possibly do any damage. The engine runs great otherwise though and gets about 45 miles to the gallon.

Hi! I have a 90 honda civic wagon. the second spark plug boot repeatedly pops up. the spark well collects some oil and water which causes misfire (even has just run on 3 cylinders). i have replaced those o-ring seals underneath the rocker assembly several times but the problem always comes back. how does this keep happening? its got great compression and the top of engine has been rebuilt. also have new distributor plugs,wires/cap. where does the moisture come from and why only in the second spark well? so tired of this problem! thank you!

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