Forum Thread: As More and More Automakers Drop Their Spare Tire, You'll Be Surprised to Know Why!

Part of the reason automakers remove spare tires from standard equipment when selling comes from the costs incurred during production.

According to a recent survey by the American Automobile Association AAA, up to 28% of 2017 model cars sold in the US do not have spare tires. This is down from the 36% of 2015 model cars sold in the US.

The reason automakers are removing spare tires from standard equipment when they sell, comes from strict government regulations or US environmental protection agencies, about making claims. demand for better performance cars. And the best way to meet this is to replace the spare tire with a pump kit.

In addition to the reasons mentioned above, automakers also dislike the extra costs incurred when manufacturing.

According to the latest research by the AAA American Automobile Association, the removal of spare tire can cause more than 30 million drivers to fall into a situation of bad crying if they are using the car suddenly exploded or have problems. Other hiccups related to tires.

Therefore, AAA recommends drivers to find out everything about the vehicle they use, from having spare tires to checking their tire pressure regularly. Many new models today come equipped with a tire pressure warning system, which helps drivers know when a tire needs extra injection.

In addition, some models also have standard run-flat tires (which allow them to run at high speeds for a long distance even when the tires are punctured, thanks to the exceptionally strong tire construction. ). However, this type of tire is also more expensive than conventional tires.

AAA research also showed that only about one in 5,000 drivers (ages 18-34) do not know how to change a tire, compared to nearly 90% of drivers aged 35-54 proficient in this skill. In terms of gender, 97% of the men surveyed claimed to know how to change the tire, while 68% of the women expressed confidence in this.

To replace spare tires, many automakers have fitted cars with repair kits to be able to patch small air leaks. However, if the tire explodes or is damaged on the side of the tire, the user must call support or service.

According to experts' recommendations, when the vehicle travels at a distance of 45,000 km or more, drivers should proceed to replace the new tire, or after 5 or 6 years from the production time period indicated on the tires.

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